Equipping believers with quality music meeting biblical principles
We bring more energy and party without liquor, Rejoicing for our abundant life, and exercise


The San Diego Christian Nightclub is something different and long overdue for the believer community. Our people come to dance, with energy and party in a high energy atmosphere and all songs and music that agrees with bibicial principles.  We do not have the boring, low energy, non dancing and non socializing believers. That only stay home and hide from reality. When you go to the worldly Nightclubs and party area, they are bringing they’ re all in energy to have a good time. And they are on the losing side

We are the winners in Christ bringing the Spirit of energy within celebrating the return of our lord in dance and praise.  And prepare for his coming, believer Life does not have be boring, hidden from the world and no location with nightly activities. Many believers are old fashion and do not even know how to dance. Can you dance for 1 hour non stop! GET UP LAZY BELIEVERS, SWEAT, BURN THOSE CARLORIES!!!!!

MOST PEOPLE ARE JUST BORING! We want our young  believers with energy who are faithful to Christ and new coming believer out of the worldly club. You got to give this generation something new, In 2012,  Welcome to the San Diego Christian Nightclub!!!!!!
The time has come.

Workout In The Spirit